Tadas Paplauskas is a back-end developer.


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Side projects


remindbot.xyz A facebook messenger chatbot. Your friend with a perfect memory.
This bot allows you to set reminders using natural language. Started as a simple experiment it still got some attention without any promotion. I'm still using it daily.


trendingnow.io Constantly scans twitter stream for huge trends and emails you if it finds something. I cannot say that worked as reliable as I had hoped, but it was a cool proof of concept. No longer maintained.


abtestinglab.com A simple WYSIWYG A/B testing tool for content creators. It was a cool SaaS that unfortunately never really got off the ground. No longer maintained. I should probably rewrite it into an open-source package, as I still believe the tool had a few good ideas.

Big Red Button

Big Red Button A virtual big red button for party games. We used it for "guess the song" type of game and it was a lot of fun.
Just a fun 1 hour project that I threw together on the last day of 2016. Powered by node.js, socket.io and a bit of jQuery. Github

Pattern parser package

pattern-parser Node.js package that makes it easier to design and develop text-based user interfaces. Made it for my own project (remindbot), but a few hundred people found it useful too.


ApiDocs Laravel package that will automatically generate API endpoints documentation based on your documented routes.